Clean Eating Challenge – End of Week 3: Confessions of a Clean Eater

This week has in some ways been like a Roller Coaster. There have been lots of ups and downs. I have felt more confident after achieving my first pull up that I did it again just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. I’m now looking to increase it to 2 reps. I’ve also been pushing myself by attending a HURRICANE session on Tuesday evening at H3. I really enjoy this kind of workout – it really pushes you to the limit.

IMG_1159.JPG                IMG_1167.JPG             IMG_1178.PNG

I’ve also managed to weigh in the lightest ever at just under 55kg. This is really pleasing and shows that the effort of combined diet and exercise must be working.

Although what has not been so great is that this is the first time in the challenge where I have felt hungry and a bit tired/lethargic, even somewhat light headed which has bothered me a little. I’m not sure whether this is just because I’m burning candles at all ends and I don’t feel like I’m getting sufficient rest. I don’t necessarily mean sleep here but just down time to rest my body and allow recovery. I’m not sure whether I need to use one of my cheat meals when I feel like this in order to give me the energy boost that I need to keep me going or whether I should just try to ride it out, but the more I think about it, the more my mind obsesses over the naughty possibilities that could present themselves.

Here’s inside my mind – Chip Butty with HP sauce;


Pepperoni Pizza with Black Olives;



Pasta; Salami; Indian; Thai; Chinese; Milkshake; Jacket potato with beans and cheese;

Chilli Cheese Fries/Chips with gravy;

download (1)chipsgravy-1024x768

Mexican Burrito; Crisps; Rice Pudding; Flapjack;

McFlurry and any sort of Daim/Kinder/Milka Chocolate

mcdonalds-Galaxy-McFlurry-with-Caramel milka-daim-1

There its out, but its not that I’ve even felt hungry just towards the naughty things – I’ve been dreaming about having more than 1 Banana a day – like a MINION!


Or the possibility of having a further 10g of feta/peanut butter or eating half the Agave and English Mustard Glaised Ham that’s roasting away in the oven.

IMG_1165.JPG IMG_1166.JPG

Even so I have managed to stay away from the naughty list, mostly through not having access to any of it, although Hot Buttered Toast Friday (a little perk recently introduced at break time at work) is a tricky dilemma – its only 1 slice of ultimate comfort at the end of the week…

sozai_buttered-toast …however; Hot Buttered Toast Friday didn’t happen this week, so dilemma avoided!

I’ve got to admit probably sneaking a couple of extra blueberries or licking the almond butter spoon or “tasting” the food that is cooking a little more frequently than one would normally – possibly increasing the calories here and there. I justify this to myself by the amount of exercise I’m completing each week and it leaves me feeling a little guilty and disappointed in myself that I’ve not managed to survive without a few extra bits and bobs.

It does turn out that sleep is an important factor (contrary to my initial thoughts above), in terms of the more quality sleep gained in a night, the more natural energy I seem to have the following day. I believe my lethargy and hunger to be partly attributed to not getting enough sleep mid week. Due to being tired I think my body ultimately thinks “Need Energy” so therefore requires fueling in the form of food and it immediately looks for the quick fix that includes sugary fatty things like chocolate. I managed to resist this by giving away the 3 bars of chocolate in my desk drawer as prizes for the best presentation performed by Year 9 students – they are always keen to demolish edible rewards and it saves me the temptation.

Okay – there it is, confession complete! Still I think I’m doing well with meals like these…

IMG_1168.JPG                 IMG_1158.JPG                   IMG_1169.JPGHam, tuna, beetroot salad     Steak with Cabbage and Carrot/Swede Mash           Pork Stroganoff


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